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Do you have a love of photography? Do you know how to pose before a camera? Are you looking for work through which you could be famous as well as rich? . Basically, we are a model casting company engaged in recruiting beginner and new models. We are looking for new and fresh girls. If you derive pleasure from photography and are looking for excellent career growth then you must join bubblegum casting company as soon as possible. Actually, this company hires girls from all parts of the United States and there is no geographic limitations.
You have to be between 18 to 22 years of age to qualify for this opportunity. You have to be young, attractive, beautiful, witty and amateur. There are many other companies in the United States which are engaged in recruiting new models but not all of them pay you in advance. We are the only company which pays before the shooting begins. You don’t need to worry about not knowing the basics of modeling. We are there to train you and motivate you for the job , you have been looking for.
Besides, we will provide excellent working environment apart from a team of your own age. You will be treated respectfully and carefully. The people working with us are goal oriented and sincere in their jobs. The more you show enthusiasm , the more you have chance of success in our company. Bubblegum casting company is going to change your life style by making you a celebrity from a common girl. You will be internationally recognized which is the dream of every beautiful girl.

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